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Initial Coin Offering is Now Open
Until August 28 or Until the Cap is Reached

First Global credit is launching our first passive investment product, the AICOIN ICO. We are calling on clients and friends of the company to spread the word and share in the coin offering. There are many ways to participate in the AICOIN bounty campaign and get rewarded with FREE AICOINS.

  • Follow us on Twitter, then tweet or retweet using the #AICOIN
  • Follow us on Facebook, then put posts on your timeline that refer to
  • Spread the word on any of the approved Telegram channels
  • Join the Bitcointalk signature campaign
  • Write a blog or post one on Quora, Medium or post a video on YouTube
  • Help with translations or answer questions on a foreign language bitcointalk thread
  • Or join our SLACK channel and answer questions from potential coin holders
  • For full details and rules, visit the Incentive page on the AICOIN.IO website and then register an account today.

FREE COINS FOR INTRODUCING COIN HOLDERS TO AICOIN. Introduce new coin holders to AICOIN and receive 2% of the total number of AICOINS your referrals generate. 

You must register an account on the AICOIN.IO site to benefit from the Bounty Campaign.

Once the ICO closes you must purchase AICOINS on the open market.
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