Futures Markets to trade

Specifications for futures contracts including margin requirements change with some frequency. It is suggested that you examine the latest information prior to taking a position in a futures market. Trading hours for various futures contracts vary significantly as well.

Special conditions There is currently a limitation of $25,000 exposure to any one futures contract. Clients breaching these limits will have their positions closed to bring them in line with this limitation.

Stock Indices

  • Symbol: ES - Mini S&P
  • Symbol: NQ - Min NASDAQC


  • Symbol: GC - Gold (Full contract)
  • Symbol: MGC - e-Micro Gold
  • Symbol: ZI- Comex Silver


  • Symbol: CL - Crude Oil
  • Symbol: QM - e-mini Crude Oil



  • Symbol: YC - Mini Corn

Interest Rates

  • Symbol: ZN - 10 Year T-Note
  • Symbol: ZB - 30 Year US Treasury Bonds


  • Symbol: CC – Cocoa


  • Symbol: M6B - Micro GBP / USD
  • Symbol: M6E - Micro EUR / USD
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